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Source Food Containing Iron Tinggi

Iron is a mineral needed by the body.  Function of iron is to assist in transporting oxygen through the lungs throughout the body. Iron is also used dlaam process of making hemoglobin and coined an important role in the body's resistance. With these functions do not be surprised if someone needs to consume food sources that contain high iron.
If the body of iron deficiency, it will cause a variety of adverse effects such as impaired supply of hemoglobin in the blood. For diseases due to deficiency of red blood cells is called anemia. For symptoms that indicated when a person is exposed to anemia such as dizziness, pallor, fatigue, weakness, and fainting spells. Well for that in the discussion below will discuss some of the food sources that contain high iron. Go see the discussion below!
Here Source Food Containing Iron High
Spinach leaves
Spinach is one vegetable that really help you in getting iron. By eating spinach helps to prevent anemia or lack of blood. This is because the iron contained in spinach is high enough. Now therefore do not hesitate to eat spinach every week. But keep in mind that when cooked spinach should not be too long, because it can eliminate the nutrients contained therein.
Wheat bread
Food sources that contain iron is the next higher whole grain bread. For this one food source in addition to fiber also contains enough iron high. Bread wheat has many benefits such as helping to prevent heart disease, cancer, prevents anemia, and lots more. In addition for those who are running a diet program, it is recommended to consume wheat bread.
In addition to spinach, kale also contains iron is high enough. Kale are rich in iron also contain other important nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C, which have many benefits for the body. Well for that inadequate nutritional needs of your day-to-day by eating vegetables.
For protein from animal containing iron is beef. For most people the beef into a source of much-loved foods. Because the beef has many positive benefits to the body. Beef contains essential nutrients such as iron, protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, and contains other important nutrients. Adapayn benefit by eating beef as help improve the health of the body such as the heart, eyes organs, nerves in the body, and more.
In addition to containing vitamin B6, turns the potato also contains iron is high enough. Because in the potato contained 50 grams of iron content of 1.9 mg. Potatoes can you consume in a way steamed or fried. However, to avoid cholesterol, you can eat them by steaming. Potatoes have benefits for the body as it helps the process of production of red blood cells, helps prevent digestive problems, and many more.
Now that was some of the food sources that contain high iron that you can know. For food sources that contain high sources of iron such as beets, pumpkins, soybeans, red beans, lentils, black beans, peas, and various types of other food sources are derived from vegetables and fruits such as avocado.


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